Decoder GERMAN Pronunciation Guide App Reviews

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I've been looking for such an app to help with pronunciation. I like how each word is broken down. Thanks.

Love it!

This is perfect! It's a great asset to have when trying to learn the language. I recommend it for anyone! It will take some time to learn all the rules for German pronunciation, but it's really worth it. :)


Absolutely love it!

Second Language

This app breaks down pronunciation with great examples and has a native speaker pronounce each word. Awesome audio and easy to use. Great for beginners to advanced students.


I've been searching for the right app that handles German pronunciation specifically; now I've found it. UPDATE: this is still a perfect app for learning German pronunciation!


natural female voice pronounces, english written equivalents provided as examples, well organized for reference, does not need online connect and pronunciation rules for varios spellings provided. a must have for germant students working without a voice coach


Very useful


Awesome app

Want to start learning German? Start here.

This app is just what I needed to get started. I was unable to get going with Rosetta Stone because of the complexity of pronunciation. That's when I realized that I needed to start with the pronunciation of the consonants and understanding why they sound different depending on its placement inside the word. Great app. Money well spend towards education.

Excellent app

This is an excellent aid for learning German pronunciation. It would be helpful if the german nouns were presented with the appropriate definite article. For example das Buch, der Regen, die Zeit, etc.

Great pronunciation

Such a exquisite pronunciation and so sexy. It sounds just like my wife, oh wait it is!

Perfect Reference App

I am always referring back to this app as I learn German on my own. When I encounter a word that is pronounced differently than I first thought, I stop back here and figure the rule out. This is a must have app for people who want to sound native.

Excellent app!

This app has helped me a lot with German pronunciation. I am just finishing up an A2 course so I am an advanced beginner. The app covers all consonants and vowels, plus key combinations. I Usair several times per week.

Essential for German learners!

Easy to use and perfect pronunciation guide, definitely. Lovable apps. I hope some grammar guide, too.

Very useful

This developer makes by far the best pronunciation guides on the app store. I have a couple decoder apps already and liked them so much that I also picked this one up too. If your goal is to learn the correct way to say the words, look no further, this app will really help.

Using feelings

Today I have downloaded the corresponding APP through the iTunes.After downloading it,I immediately setup it and then I try my best to use it,during the procedure of my testing it,I found it conveniently operate、friendly interface and comfortablely use. So,in a word,I strongly recommend this APP. Thank you!

Excellent German pronunciation guide!

A really solid app for doing precisely what it intends: learning how to properly pronounce German words. I hate knowing a word in German but not being understood when I say it. Very thoughtfully and beautifully designed! I hope there will be other languages!

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